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live remapping with eprom emulator

Live remapping with eprom emulator on the road while the engine is running.

Fuel Kennfeld

I'm able to adjust the firmware and data (maps) perfectly to a specific engine. I'm using an eprom emulator which allows me to change the complete eprom content while the engine is running and to see on my laptop which cell of a map the ecu is accessing ("hit tracing").

Of course passing emissions control will be no problem because the lambda control is active on idle and part throttle. Instant WOT enrichment; Digi-Lag will be disabled! .

Every engine is possible which runs with Digifant 1 ecu: G40, G60 (8VG60, 16VG60), 8V / PG Turbo, 16V Turbo, naturally aspired 16V , 20VG60 etc. 

Modifications like

  • more boost (G-Charger, Turbo, Compressor) with greater map sensor ( 100, 200, 250, 300 or 400kpa )
  • naturally aspired engine like 16V KR, PL or 9A with Digifant ecu ( with 115kpa map-sensor like the 2.0 16V ABF ).
  • gasoline or ethanol (E85)
  • bigger injection valves up to 1000ccm 
  • cams, more displacement, optimized cylinder head 
  • and much more

are possible.

In addition, some extras like 

can be added to the chip.



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