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LaunchControl und WOT-Shitfting

LaunchControl and WOT-Shitfting addon for the Digifant 1 ECU

LaunchControl start with 1 bar / 15 psi boost in the 2. gear with street tires 

I developed a LaunchControl and WOT-Shifting extension for the Digifant 1 ecu. 

My LaunchControl and WOT-Shifting use ignition cut-off (fuel is continuously injected) and are able to spool up the turbine of a turbo charger. This leads to boost buildup on the starting line while the car is standing still! Ideal suited for the quarter mile!

We're using my LaunchControl and WOT-Shifting for Digifant 1 ecu in a FWD Corrado PG Turbo with great success on the quarter mile!


The LaunchControl limits the engine revolutions at start (i.e. at 5500 rpm). The ignition cut-off and concurrent fuel injection builds up boost. For example building up 1,5 bar boost is no problem. My LaunchControl software in the digifant ecu recognizes the desired state by wiring a clutch pedal switch to the digifant ecu.

  • press clutch pedal first, than floor the gas pedal to full throttle. LaunchControl is active
  • wait until the turbo has builtup the desired boost
  • engage the clutch. LaunchControl gets deactivated and the car makes brutal acceleration. Drag-Slicks or 4 wheel drive is highly recommended the get the power on the street!



WOT-Shifting means that you can change a gear while keeping the gas pedal fully floored. Just stay on full throttle, press the clutch pedal and my software in the digifant ecu cuts-off the ignition. Now it's possible the change the gear while the throttle valve stays fully open. This means the boost stays there (on normal shifting, boost gets lost over the blow-off valve (turbo) or the bypass valve (G60)) and is instandly available if the clutch gets engaged again.

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