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live data over k-line

read live data while the engine runs out of the digifant 1 ecu (like the measurement block readings in vr6 motronic ecus)

VW implemented only blink code output of fault codes in the Digifant I firmware (25 pin european version until 92). However the Digifant I hardware has everything needed to build a real serial diagnosis protocol (SCI port ot the microcontroller is wired to the diagnosis pin 20).

I removed the oem blink code output and implemented my own serial output protocol. This allows me to write periodically arbitrary data to the serial k-line.

Serial data out runs rock solid in my two corrados since 2011. I'm reading 32 values 10 times per second (10Hz). This is outrageos faster than the OEM K-Line protocols like KWP1281 VW developed for newer ecus. :)

Some interesting data I read out are for example the cylinder knock values for each cylinder, ignition retard based on knock, boost, ignition, engine coolant temperature (ect), intake air temperature (iat), injection time, lambda, voltage, enrichment...

android app (connected over bluetooth)

google playstore: my digifant 1 live data app


Maemo5 (Nokia N900) app (connected over bluetooth):

my Maemo App


running 16V Turbo engine with live data out:

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