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The factory 200kpa mapsensor must be exchanged to be able to use more than 1 bar / 14.5 psi of boost

Mapsensors suitable for Digifant I ECU:

range of measurement description package
115 kpa Freescale MPXA6115AC6U  SOP (SMD)
250 kpa Motorola MPX 4250 AP through-hole technology
304 kpa Freescale MPXH6300A6U  SSOP (SMD)
400 kpa Freescale MPXH6400A  SOP (SMD)

I designed and produced my own adapter pcbs for the 115 and 400kpa mapsensors. With theses pcbs they can be exchanged plug & play against the factory 200kpa mapsensor.

These mapsensors do not only fit into the G60 Digifant I ecu but also in every Bosch ecu with internal mapsensor like Digifant 3, Audi S2 / RS2 / 200 20V Turbo Motronic, Opel/Vauxhall C20LET (Calibra Turbo) etc.

115 kpa / 400 kpa Plug & Play Mapsensor 


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